Other services and information


Garden design and Landscaping

We can happily offer free advice on planning and designing your herb garden and achieving the best growing conditions for your plants. Alternatively you may prefer us to undertake the work - we are able to prepare, layout and plant small herb gardens, and we will work with you to suggest the most suitable plants for your space and interest.

Pots, planters, and containers

We have a small range of attractive clay pots and tubs planted up with varieties of decorative and / or culinary herbs at a variety of prices ranging from around 7.50. We are also able to plant up customers' own planters and hanging baskets with our herbs for a minimal charge.

Talks, group visits, and workshops


We will happily provide group talks by prior arrangement. Topics covered include culinary, medicinal and traditional uses of herbs, and also propagation and growing advice. We can bring plants and cuttings to show and a selection of herbs to sell - by mutual agreement we may also be able to donate a small proportion of the sale to the organising group or charity.

Quality control and safety issues

All our plants are carefully grown. if you should find a problem please return the plant for replacement. All our composts and materials are chosen to produce healthy naturally grown plants. Please remember that although all herbs have a use they are not all edible. Treat all herbs with caution and seek advice for any medicinal uses.
Please be warned that although access to the nursery is on the flat, there are a number of cobbled areas, steps, and level changes - the garden is a working area and therefore various tools and pots can be a hazard. Access to the greenhouse needs care during the busy growing season.